CEN project team on Conformity Assessment for EU Mandate 376 (Phase 1)

NOTE: For phase 2 of the CEN work on Conformity Assessment for EU Mandate 376 please go to the mandate376.eu website. In January 2011 Mandate M 376 Phase 2 started. More information including reports and timelines can be found on the mandate376.eu website.

This website describes the work done during the first phase of the CEN work for EU Mandate M/376. In the first phase work the team worked on an analysis of testing and conformity schemes of products and services meeting accessibility requirements. The project team reported the outcome on “identification of existing schemes of this nature at European and international level” in the first half of 2008. The final report for phase 1 has been delivered in liaison with the ETSI working group working on procurement.

In its interpretation of the work, the Project Team has taken the position, encouraged by the Steering Committee, not to restrict the analysis to schemes on accessibility only. The Team members have brought into the project work knowledge of conformity assessment schemes for other domains which may serve as models for schemes on accessibility.

The Project members of the team for phase 1 are:

The members of the projectteam posing during a Brussels meeting
  • Clas Thorén , Swedish Administrative Development Agency, Stockholm , Sweden , project leader
  • Loïc Martinez-Normand, Technical University of Madrid . Computer Science School , Madrid , Spain
  • Enrique Varela, Fundación ONCE and freelance consultant, Madrid , Spain
  • Eric Velleman, Bartiméus Accessibility Foundation, Utrecht , Netherlands
  • Klaus-Peter Wegge, Siemens Accessibility Competence Center , Paderborn , Germany
  • An additional expert has joined the Project Team during March and April: Stephan Corvers, Corvers Procurement Services BV, 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands"

NEWS: Final Report sent to Working Group Members for approval in Nice

The Final Report of the CEN BT WG 185 Project Team on European accessibility requirements for public procurement of products and services in the ICT domain (European Commission Mandate M 376, Phase 1) has been sent to the Working Group Members for approval. A total of 192 comments where sent to the Project Team by stakeholders and interested members of the general public. It can be downloaded from http://www.econformance.eu/euconformancereport.html

Comments, contributions, and questions

Any stakeholder is welcome to send comments, contributions and questions to the project team assigned to provide the analysis, by using the e-mail address m376conformance@econformance.eu. The project team will consider the submitted issue and decide how to deal with it. The response on how the issue will be dealt with, and the resulting impact on the output delivered from the team, will be published on the contributions page on this website with the source and date of the issue.


For more information about the work of the project team, please send an E-mail.